Selecting the options, User menus – LG M3202C-BA User Manual

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User Menus

Selecting the options


To choose the language in which the control names are displayed.

Use the buttons to select On or Off. The monitor can be set up so that it can only be
used with the remote control. This feature can prevent unauthorized viewing.

In order to lock the OSD screen adjustment, set the Key Lock tab to the 'On' position.
In order to unlock it, do the following :

• Push the MENU button on the remote control and set Key Lock to the 'Off' position.

Key Lock

ISM Method

Normal : Leave on normal if you don't foresee image burn in being a problem.

White wash : White wash fills the screen with solid white. This helps removes permanent
images burned into the screen. A permanent image may be impossible to clear entirely
with white wash.

Orbiter : May help prevent ghost images. However, it is best not to allow any fixed image to
remain on the screen. To avoid a permanent image on the screen, the screen will move every 2

Inversion : This function inverts the panel color of the screen. The panel color is
automatically inverted every 30 minutes.

A frozen or still picture from a PC/Video game displayed on the screen for prolonged periods could
result in a ghost image remaining even when you change the image. Avoid allowing a fixed image to
remain on the screen for a long period of time.




Key Lock
ISM Method
Power Indicator
Logo Light
DPM Select
Tile Mode
Factory Reset

To set

Power Indicator

Use this function to set the power indicator on the front side of the product to
On or Off.

DPM Select

A user can choose to turn the power saving mode on / off.

Logo Light

Use this function to set the Logo Light on the front side of the product to On or

Dot Wash : This function moves the black dots of the screen. The black dots is automatically
moved every 5 second.