Controlling the multiple product, Rs-232c, Transmission / receiving protocol – LG M3202C-BA User Manual

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OK Acknowledgement

[Command2][ ][Set ID][ ][OK][Data][x]

* The Product transmits ACK (acknowledgement) based on

this format when receiving normal data. At this time, if the

data is data read mode, it indicates present status data.

If the data is data write mode, it returns the data of the PC


Error Acknowledgement

[Command2][ ][Set ID][ ][NG][Data][x]

* If there is error, it returns NG

Controlling the Multiple Product




[Command1][Command2][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr]

* [Command 1]: First command. (k)
* [Command 2]: Second command.(a ~ u)
* [Set ID]: Set up the Set ID number of product.

range : 1~99. by setting '0', server can control all products.
* In case of operating with more than 2 sets using set ID as '0' at the same
time, it should not be checked the ack message.

Because all sets will send the ack message, so it's impossible the check the

whole ack messages.

* [DATA]: To transmit command data.

Transmit 'FF' data to read status of command.

* [Cr]: Carriage Return

ASCII code ‘0x0D’

* [ ]: ASCII code Space (0x20)’

Transmission / Receiving Protocol