Troubleshooting, Controls locked' message appears, No image is displayed – LG M3202C-BA User Manual

Page 34: Key lock on' message appears

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• See if the power cord is properly connected to the


• See if the power switch is turned on.
• May need service.

• Adjust brightness and contrast again.
• Backlight may need repair.

• If the product is in power saving mode, move the

mouse or press any key.

• Turn both devices off and then back on.

• The signal from the PC (video card) is out of the

vertical or horizontal frequency range of the
product. Adjust the frequency range by referring
to the Specifications in this manual.

* Maximum resolution
RGB : 1600 x 1200 @60Hz
HDMI/DVI : 1920 x 1080 @60Hz

• The signal cable between PC and product is not

connected. Check the signal cable.

• Press the 'INPUT' menu in the remote Control to

check the input signal.

No image is displayed


• The control locking function prevents unintentional

OSD setting change due to careless usage. To unlock
the controls, simultaneously press the Menu button
and button for several seconds. (You cannot set this
function using the remote control buttons. You can set
this function in the product only.)

The 'Key Lock On' message

appears when pressing the Menu

'Key Lock On' message appears.

• Install the product driver, which is provided with

the product, or download it from the web site.

• See if the plug&play function is supported by

referring to the video card user manual.

Did you install the driver?

'Unknown Product' message appears when the product is connected.


* Vertical frequency: To enable the user to watch the product display, screen image should be changed tens of times

every second like a fluorescent lamp. The vertical frequency or refresh rate is the times of image display per second.
The unit is Hz.

* Horizontal frequency: The horizontal interval is the time to display one vertical line. When 1 is divided by the

horizontal interval, the number of horizontal lines displayed every second can be tabulated as the horizontal
frequency. The unit is kHz.

Is the product power cord connected?

Is the power indicator light on?

Power is on, power indicator is blue but

the screen appears extremely dark.

the power indicator amber?

Does the 'Out of range' message


Does the 'Check signal cable' message