The audio function does not work, Screen color is abnormal, Troubleshooting – LG M3202C-BA User Manual

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• Set the number of colors to more than 24 bits (true


Select Control Panel – Display – Settings – Color
Table menu in Windows.

• Check the connection status of the signal cable.

Or, re-insert the PC video card.

• Several pixels (red, green, white or black color)

may appear on the screen, which can be
attributable to the unique characteristics of the
LCD panel. It is not a malfunction of the LCD.

Screen has poor color resolution

(16 colors).

Screen color is unstable or mono-


Do black spots appear on the screen?

Screen color is abnormal.

• See if the audio cable is connected properly.
• Adjust the volume.
• See if the sound is set properly.

• Select the appropriate equalize sound.

• Adjust the volume.

No sound?

Sound is too dull.

Sound is too low.

The audio function does not work.