Installation and setup – LG LHT799 User Manual

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Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options.
Set the receiver’s AUDIO options according to the
type of audio system you use.

Dynamic Range Control (DRC)

With the DVD*


format, you can hear a program’s

soundtrack in the most accurate and realistic
presentation, thanks to digital audio technology.
However, you may wish to compress the dynamic
range of the audio output (the difference between the
loudest sounds and the quietest ones). Then, you may
listen to a movie at a lower volume without losing
clarity of sound. Set DRC to On for this effect.
*1: Dolby Digital only


Set Vocal to On only when a multi-channel karaoke
DVD is playing. The karaoke channels on the disc will
mix into normal stereo sound.

HD AV Sync

When using Digital TV.
Sometimes AV signal could not be transmitted
simultaneously because of later transmission of video
signal compared to audio signal.
Because it takes some time to convert analog video
signal to digital one in the Digital TV.
And It means that you may not enjoy picture on the
screen and sound from speaker at the same time
even though it is one scene.

In the HD AV Sync menu, you could adjust delay time
to audio signal for simultaneous AV signal

Delay time could be set up with 10msec unit.
(0 ~ 300ms)
Delay time is different according to each TV Brand.
So you need to adjust optimal delay time complying
with your TV.

5.1 Speaker Setup

Make the following settings for the built-in 5.1 channel
surround decoder.

1. Press ENTER, and the 5.1 Speaker Setup menu


2. Use b / B to select the desired speaker.

3. Adjust options using v / V / b / B buttons.

4. Press ENTER to confirm your selection. Returns to

the previous menu.

Speaker selection

Select a speaker that you want to adjust. [Front
speaker (Front L), Front speaker (Front R), Center
Speaker (Center), Subwoofer (SubWoofer), Rear
speaker (Rear L), Rear speaker (Rear R)]
Certain speaker settings are prohibited by the Dolby
Digital licensing agreement.


Since the speaker settings are fixed, you cannot
change the settings.


Press b / B to adjust the output level of the selected
speaker. (-5dB ~ 5dB)


If you connected speakers to your DVD/CD Receiver,
setting the Distance lets the speakers know how far
the sound has to travel to reach your set listening
point. This allows the sound from each speaker to
reach the listener at the same time.
Press b / B to adjust the Distance of the selected
speaker. (You can’t adjust front / Woofer speakers)


Press b / B to test the signals of each speaker. Adjust
the volume to match the volume of test signals
memorized in the system.

Front Left (Front L)

→ Center → Front Right (Front R)

→ Rear Right (Rear R) → Rear Left (Rear L) →

Installation and Setup