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XM Satellite Radio Operation

What is XM Satellite Radio?

XM Radio is the satellite radio service with millions of
listeners across the U.S.
Broadcasting live daily. XM Radio offers 160 digital
radio channels offering music, news, sports, comedy,
talk, entertainment, traffic and weather reports, with
high quality digital sound.
XM service subscription sold separately. XM Passport
System required to receive XM service (sold
separately). Installation costs and other fees and
taxes, including a one-time activation fee may apply.
XM service only available in the 48 contiguous United
States. Residents in Canada please see information
about Canadian Satellite Radio at the following
webpage: (www.cdnsatrad.com). XM Connect-and-
Play is a trademark of XM Satellite Radio Inc. ©2006
XM Satellite Radio Inc. All rights reserved.

What is XM Ready?

An audio system labeled “XM Ready” means that the
system with the addition of an XM Passport Antenna
has everyting you need to play XM. Everything else is
built inside.

XM Satellite Radio connections

Connect the XM Digital Antenna to the XM passport
system on the unit.

Activating Your Service

A one-time activation fee is required to establish an
account and activate service with XM Satellite Radio.
Applicable activation changers will be added to your
first bill.

1. Before activating XM service, make sure your XM

equipment is tuned to the XM Preview Channel
(Channel 1).

2. Determine your eight-character XM Satellite Radio

ID number by referencing the label on your XM
Passport System packaging, rear cover, or by
selecting channel 0. The ID number will appear on
the display.

Carefully check your XM Satellite Radio ID. The letter
I, O, S, and F are not used

3. Activate your XM Satellite Radio service. Make

sure you have a major credit card and your XM
Satellite Radio ID number handy.

To activate via the internet: Visit

To activate via phone: Call 1-800-XM-RADIO (967-2346)
A one-time activation fee will apply.

Selecting the XM Satellite Radio

Press TUNER on the Remote Control until
“ANTENNA” appears in the display window.

XM information

When receiving the XM Satellite Radio containing, you
can see the information in the display window.

Press XM MODE to change XM display mode.

Channel Number

→ Channel Label →

Song Name/Artist Name

→ Signal Strength →

Channel Number

→ ...

Channel Number :
Display current XM Channel Number
Channel Number shows 3 seconds regardless its
display mode when channel is changed.

When user edits or change preset, it works on
channel number display mode.

Channel Label
Display name of current channel.

Song Name & Artist Name
Display song name & artist name as scroll.

Signal Strength
Signal Strength is showed by 3 bars with antenna

No Bar: No Signal.
One Bar: Weak Signal
Two Bar: Marginal Signal
Three Bar: Good Signal





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XM passport system