Additional features – LG LHT799 User Manual

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Notes on general features:

Zoom may not work on some DVDs.

The A-B repeat function is available only in the
current title.

Additional features

1.5 times speed playback

You can play at 1.5 times speed.
The 1.5 speed allows you to watch the pictures and
listen to the sound quicker than playing at a normal
speed on the disc.

1. During playback, press PLAY(B) to play at 1.5

times speed. “BX1.5” appears on the screen.

2. Press PLAY(B) again to exit.

Time Search

To start playing at any chosen time on the disc:

1. Press DISPLAY during playback.

2. Press v / V to select the time clock icon and

“--:--:--” appears.

3. Input the required start time in hours, minutes, and

seconds from left to right. If you enter the wrong
numbers, press CLEAR to remove the numbers
you entered. Then input the correct numbers.

4. Press ENTER to confirm. Playback starts from the

selected time.

Marker Search

To enter a Marker

You can start playback from up to nine memorized
points. To enter a marker, press MARKER at the
desired point on the disc. The Marker icon appears on
the TV screen briefly. Repeat to enter up to nine

To Recall or Clear a Marked Scene

1. During disc playback, press SEARCH. The marker

search menu appears on the screen.

2. Within 10 seconds, press b / B to select a marker

number that you want to recall or clear.

3. Press ENTER and playback starts from the

marked scene. Or press CLEAR and the marker
number is erased from the list.

4. You can play any marker by inputting its number

on the marker search menu.

Screen Saver

The screen saver appears when you leave the unit in
Stop mode for about five minutes.

Last Scene Memory

This receiver memorizes the last scene from the last
disc that is viewed. The last scene remains in the
memory even if you remove the disc from the receiver
or switch off the receiver. If you load a disc that has
the scene memorized, the scene is automatically


This receiver does not memorize the scene of a disc if you
switch off the receiver before commencing to play the disc.