Viewing a jpeg file – LG LHT799 User Manual

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Viewing a JPEG file

This unit can play discs with JPEG files.
Before playing JPEG recordings, read the notes on
JPEG Recordings on the right.

1. Insert a disc and close the tray.

The PHOTO menu appears on the TV screen.

2. Press v / V to select a folder, and then press

ENTER. A list of files in the folder appears.
If you are in a file list and want to return to the
previous Folder list, use the v / V buttons on the
Remote Control to highlight

and press ENTER.

3. If you want to view a particular file, press v / V to

highlight a file and press ENTER or PLAY. While
viewing a file, you can press STOP to move to the
previous menu (JPEG menu).


When viewing a JPEG file, the resolution is changed 480p if
the resolution set to 1080i. You can change the resolution for
720p or 480p.


There are four Slide Speed options


> (Slow), >> (Normal), >>> (Fast) and II (off).
Use v /V /b /B to highlight the Speed. Then, use b / B
to select the option you want to use and then press

If you set Speed option to Off, the slide is not active.

Slide Show

Use v V b B to highlight the

(Slide Show) then

press ENTER.

Still Picture

1. Press PAUSE/STEP during the slide show.

The DVD/CD Receiver will now go into the PAUSE

2. To return to the slide show, press PLAY or press


Moving to another File

Press SKIP (. or >) once during viewing a
picture to advance to the next or previous file.

Rotating the picture

Press v V b B during showing a picture to rotate the
picture clockwise or counter-clockwise.




JPEG Folder 1

JPEG Folder 2

JPEG Folder 3

JPEG Folder 4

JPEG Folder 5

JPEG Folder 6

JPEG Folder 7

JPEG Folder 8


JPEG disc compatibility with this player is
limited as follows:

• Depending upon the size and the number of

JPEG files, it could take a long time for the
DVD/CD Receiver to read the disc’s contents. If
you don’t see an on-screen display after several
minutes, some of the files may be too large —
reduce the resolution of the JPEG files to less
than 2M pixels as 2760 x 2048 pixels and burn
another disc.

• The total number of files and folders on the disc

should be less than 999.

• Some discs may not operate due to a different

recording format or the condition of disc.

• Ensure that all the selected files have the “.jpg”

extensions when copying into the CD layout.

• If the files have “.jpe” or “.jpeg” extensions,

please rename them as “.jpg” file.

• File names without “.jpg” extension will not be

able to be read by this DVD/CD Receiver. Even
though the files are shown as JPEG image files in
Windows Explorer.