Disc-related terms, Remote control operation range, Remote control battery installation – LG LHT764 User Manual

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Disc-related terms

MP3 is a popular compression format used for digital
audio files that yields very high near-CD quality.

Windows Media


audio file. A type of coding / decoding

developed by Microsoft Corp.

Joint Pictures Expert Group. JPEG is a compressed file
format that allows you to save images with no limit on
the number of colors.

Note on Windows Media
Windows Media is either a registered trademark or
trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States
and/or other countries.

Title (DVD video discs only)
A title is generally a distinct section of a DVD disc. For
example the main feature could be title 1, a
documentary describing how the film was made could
be title 2, and cast interviews could be title 3. Each title
is assigned a reference number enabling you to locate it

Chapter (DVD video discs only)
A chapter is a segment of a title such as a scene in a
film or one interview in a series. Each chapter is
assigned a chapter number, enabling you to locate the
chapter you want. Depending on the disc, chapters
may not be recorded.

A distinct element of audiovisual information, such as
the picture or sound track for a specific language
(DVD), or a musical piece on audio CD. Each track is
assigned a track number, enabling you to locate the
track you want. DVD discs allow one track of video
(with multiple angles) and several tracks of audio.

Remote Control Operation Range

Point the Remote Control at the remote sensor and
press the buttons.

Distance: About 7m (23ft) from the front of the
remote sensor
Angle: About 30° in each direction of the front of the
remote sensor

Remote Control battery installation

Detach the battery cover on the rear
of the Remote Control, and insert two
R06 (size AA) batteries with


aligned correctly.


Never throw batteries into a fire.

Be sure to use AA size batteries.

Dispose of batteries in a designated disposal area.

Batteries should always be disposed of with the
environment in mind. Always dispose of batteries in
accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

If the Remote Control does not operate correctly, or if the
operating range becomes reduced, replace batteries with
new ones.

When necessary to replace batteries in the Remote
Control, always replace both batteries with new ones.
Never mix battery types or use new and used batteries in

Always remove batteries from Remote Control if they are
dead or if the Remote Control is not to be used for an
extended period of time. This will prevent battery acid from
leaking into the battery compartment.