Operation instructions – GE 169072 User Manual

Page 5

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imPorTanT- do not pull out

the cord any further than

the red indicator mark.

(All Carpets) Bristles extended out

(Hard Floor surface) Bristles in

oPerAtion instruCtions

1. using the power cord: Pull the cord to the

desired length. the yellow mark indicates the
maximum length of extension.

2. Adjust the air-flow regulator on the handle to

the lowest speed

3. Plug in canister vacuum
4. Press the main on/off button (part 1)
5. set the power switch on the handle to 1 for

rotating brush or 0 to turn rotating brush off

6. to adjust the power, slide the power control

on the handle

7. step on the Handle release button to adjuster the telescopic tube to a comfortable

operating angle.

8. step on the Brush Height button to adjust powerhead to appropriate flooring type
note: the power brush will automatically turn off if the telescopic tube is in an
upright position to protect your carpet from potential damage caused by the
rotation of the power brush.
note: the power brush will automatically turn off if the rotator bar is blocked by
clogs (hair, cloth, etc.) for your protection. in that case, turn off the power head,
unplug the vacuum, clean the clogs, and re-start the power brush.

install onboard accessories

some of the canister vacuum’s
accessories can be stored onboard
the unit using the included holder
(part F)
Clip the accessory holder to the
telescopic tube and insert the Crevice
tool, small Brush, and round Brush.


Crevice Tool: For cleaning radiators, crevices, corners and between sofa pillows


Small Brush: this brush is specially intended for cleaning cloth surfaces


round Brush: For cleaning furniture, curtains, books, floor lamps, shelves, and to
remove dust from plants


accessory Holder: to store accessories (crevice brush, small brush and round brush).


Large Bristle Brush: ideal for sofa,
curved edges around furniture


Floor Brush: floor/carpet cleaning