Problems and causes – GE 169072 User Manual

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ProBLems AnD CAuses



1. unit and/or power brush will not start • Power cord not firmly plugged into


• Power head cord not connected to

canister securely

• Blown fuse or tripped breaker in


• on/off switch is not on

2. Won’t pick-up or low suction

• Dust bag is full

• Clogged filters

• nozzle/dirt passage hose clogged

3. Dust escaping from cleaner

• Dust bag is full

• Dust bag not installed

• Hose not installed correctly

4. Cleaner tools won’t pick up

• Hose clogged

• Dust bag is full

• Filter clogged

note: The power brush will automatically turn off if the rotator bar is blocked

by clogs (hair, cloth, etc.) for your protection. in that case, turn off the power

head, unplug the vacuum, clean the clogs, and restart the power brush.