Care and maintenance – GE 169072 User Manual

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CAre AnD mAintenAnCe

When vacuuming is complete, press the main
on/oFF switch (Part 1) to shut unit off, unplug
the unit. Press the Cord rewind button to
automatically rewind the power cord.

CaUTion: Be CareFUL To aVoid inJUrY

aS Cord reTraCTS VerY QUiCKLY
warning: if the power cord is damaged,

do not use the unit and contact the

customer service number located on the

front cover of the manual.



Power Brush maintenance

the Brush roll may need to be cleaned to remove fibers and hair that have
become entangled around the Brush roll or to replace the rotator or belt of the
power brush.

wand release

2. turn the power head over and remove the 2 screws to lift off the brush cover and

take out the rotator and belt. (see the drawing below for the location of the screws)

1. unplug the vacuum. Press the wand

release button to take out the wand
from the powerhead.

3. remove any clogs and replace the rotator and/or belt.
4. reinsert the rotator back into the brush roll tray (make sure the belt is attached

properly) with the rounded edge of the end cap facing down. Place the brush cover
back onto the brush and replace the 2 screws.