6 group – Electrix Tweaker Editor Reference User Manual

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3. Control Settings


Enter a CC number that you want the drum pad to send on aftertouch

(that is, holding down and pressing the pad). Valid CC numbers range

from 0-119.


Enter a MIDI channel that the control will send on. All controls can be

set to one of 16 possible channels.

cc enable

If you do not want to send CC messages on aftertouch, you can turn

that feature off for each pad with this switch.

3.6 Group

The group button offers a fast way to assign multiple controls of the same type with the same

settings. Press the group button and all the settings of a given type will be copied, and all the note/

cc# assignments will be grouped around the shown value, in order of ID.


The group function is available for the following control groups: drum pads,

encoders, rings, button grid, and pots/sliders

For example if you click on button ID 6 and assign it cc# 16, cc mode and set to channel 5, then all

button will have that mode and channel and their note values will range from 10 (ID 0) to 41 (ID 31).

Note that the IDs increase in count according to rows, left to right, where ID 0 is the top left button

in the grid, ID 1 is to the right of that, and ID 8 is below it.

Another example can be illustrated using drum pads. If you want to transpose all drum pads up 8

semi-tones, you can easily do this. If a pad ID 0 is set to note 36, you can quickly shift all pads up by

changing pad ID to note 42, then press group to transpose all pads.