Electrix Tweaker Editor Reference User Manual

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5. Tools


message this sends. Just type in a note number into the box and the note will be sent, or type in a

velocity value and the note will be sent. You can alter the properties of the note with the velocity

and duration field.

This is useful for testing LED’s on a one-by-one basis, and observing how different velocities affect

the illumination. If you want to keep an LED illuminated, turn on the no note off button so a note off

is never sent and the LED will stay on. It is also useful for testing LED rings and their different modes.

Just type in a CC number, then scroll through values in the value number box to send a stream of

CC values to an LED ring.

Send Many Notes

If you want to see all the button LED’s illuminate in succession, use the send many notes tool. You

can set a range of notes with the min and max settings. Change the timing with the interval number

box. You can set the duration of the notes using the duration field in Send Single Note. Press Go to

start the cycle and Stop to cancel it. If you want the cycle to keep running, turn on Loop.

Send CC Ramps

Similar to the Send Many Notes tool, but sends ramps of data on successive continuous controller

numbers. Use the min and max values to set the range of CC numbers you want to send, and use the

interval setting to determine how fast the ramp is. For example, if you set the range to CC numbers

0-4 and an interval of 10, the program will send a ramp of values 0 to 127 on CC 0, taking (10*128)

ms (~1.3 seconds) to complete the ramp, then it will do the same for CCs 1,2,3, and 4. You can use

the remap feature to set the CC numbers to a succession of your choice, rather than the linear range

using min and max.

Output from Tools

Displays the messages sent to the TWEAKER from the various functions in the Tools window.