3 connecting the tweaker – Electrix Tweaker Editor Reference User Manual

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1. Getting Started


1.3 Connecting the Tweaker

A TWEAKER must be connected to your computer before starting the editor. When the TWEAKER

EDITOR first starts up, it searches all MIDI ports for a Tweaker. If a TWEAKER is connected, it will load

the primary interface and let you edit settings.

If you have more than one TWEAKER attached, you can use the port menu at the top to select the

port that communicates with the TWEAKER you want to edit.

If a TWEAKER is not found upon starting the editor, you must quit and connect a TWEAKER before

restarting the editor.

If you disconnect the TWEAKER while the editor is open, you will lose any unsaved changes, and you

must restart the editor after reconnecting the TWEAKER.

Connections and MIDI ports are detailed in the TWEAKER user manual.