3 control settings, 1 buttons – Electrix Tweaker Editor Reference User Manual

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3. Control Settings


3 Control Settings

When you select a control, either by clicking on the interface or using a control on the TWEAKER,

the Control Settings panel will show the current settings of the control for the parameters that you

can configure. Buttons, LED’s, encoders, drum pads and LED rings all have different possibilities, and

each control has its own settings.

Some common things you’ll see in the panels are the ID number (in square brackets) and the group

button. The ID just provides an easy reference name to each control, particularly for support and

communication purposes. ID’s start at 0. See below for more about the group button.

3.1 Buttons


Enter a note or CC number that you want the button to send. Valid note and cc numbers range from



If you want to display the note values as musical notes, go to More… in the

top menu bar and select Display as Notes.


Enter a MIDI channel that the control will send on. All controls can be

set to one of 16 possible channels.


This determines if the number you entered in note/CC# will be a note

or a CC message.

enc speed

A button can serve as the encoder speed shifter such that when it is

held down, the encoders will react to turns at encspeedB (in Global

Settings). Turn this switch on to configure the button with the encoder

speed shift settings (note/cc#=126 and mode=cc). Only one button

can serve as the speed shift, so if another button is configured as a

speed shift, it will be de-assigned, and you will see a warning to this