GORMAN-RUPP OM--04760 User Manual

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Select pulleys that will match the proper speed ra-
tio; overspeeding the pump may damage both
pump and power source.

Do not operate the pump without the

guard in place over the rotating parts


exposed rotating parts can catch cloth-

ing, fingers, or tools, causing severe in-

jury to personnel.


If the pump is driven by an electric motor, check
that the electrical service available matches the
motor requirements stamped on the motor name-
plate before connecting a motor to the incoming
power. Check that the motor speed meets pump

If rotation is incorrect on a three-phase motor, have
a qualified electrician interchange any two of the
three phase wires to change direction. If rotation is
incorrect on a single-phase motor, consult the lit-
erature supplied with the motor for specific instruc-

The electrical power used to operate the

pump is high enough to cause injury or

death. Obtain the services of a qualified

electrician to make all electrical con-


If the pump is powered by an electric

motor, do not operate a non-explosion

proof motor in an explosive atmo-

sphere. An explosion, which may cause

severe personal injury or death, could

result. Install, connect and operate the

motor in accordance with the National

Electric Code and all local codes. If

there is a conflict between the instruc-

tions in the manual accompanying the

unit and the National Electric Code or

applicable local code, the National or

Local code shall take precedence. All

electrical equipment supplied with the

pump conforms to applicable federal

regulations and national codes in effect

on the date of manufacture.