GORMAN-RUPP OM--04760 User Manual

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to a boil, build pressure, and cause the

pump casing to rupture or explode.

Do not remove plates, covers, gauges,

pipe plugs, or fittings from an over-

heated pump. Vapor pressure within the

pump can cause parts being disen-

gaged to be ejected with great force. Al-

low the pump to cool before servicing.

These pumps may be used to handle

products which if overheated could pro-

duce dangerous fumes. Use extreme

caution when venting the pump, or

when removing covers, plates, plugs, or


Never run this pump backwards. Be cer-

tain that rotation is correct before fully

engaging the pump.

If the pump is used to pump materials

which could cause serious illness or in-

jury through direct exposure or emitted

fumes, wear protective clothing, such

as rubber gloves, face mask, and rubber

apron, as necessary before disassem-

bling the pump or piping.

Do not operate the pump without

shields and/or guards in place over the

drive shafts, belts, and/or couplings, or

other rotating parts. Exposed rotating

parts can catch clothing, fingers, or

tools, causing severe injury to person-


If the pump is powered by an electric

motor, do not operate a non-explosion

proof motor in an explosive atmo-

sphere. An explosion, which may cause

severe personal injury or death, could

result. Install, connect and operate the

motor in accordance with the National

Electric Code and all local codes. If

there is a conflict between the instruc-

tions in the manual accompanying the

unit and the National Electric Code or

applicable local code, the National or

Local code shall take precedence. All

electrical equipment supplied with the

pump conforms to applicable federal

regulations and national codes in effect

on the date of manufacture.

If the pump is electric motor driven, the

electrical power used to operate this

pump is high enough to cause injury or

death. Obtain the services of a qualified

electrician to troubleshoot, test and/or

service the electrical components of

this pump.

If the pump is powered by an internal

combustion engine, do not operate in

an explosive atmosphere. When operat-

ing internal combustion engines in an

enclosed area, make certain that ex-

haust fumes are piped to the outside.

These fumes contain carbon monoxide,

a deadly gas that is colorless, tasteless,

and odorless.