GORMAN-RUPP OM--04760 User Manual

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Fuel used by internal combustion en-

gines presents an extreme explosion

and fire hazard. Make certain that all

fuel lines are securely connected and

free of leaks. Never refuel a hot or run-

ning engine. Avoid overfilling the fuel

tank. Always use the correct type of fuel.

Never tamper with the engine governor

to gain more power. The governor esta-

blishes safe operating limits that should

not be exceeded. The maximum contin-

uous operating speed for the pump is

shown on the performance curve (see

the Parts List Manual).

If the pump is powered by an engine, the

engine exhaust from this product con-

tains chemicals known to the State of

California to cause cancer, birth defects

or other reproductive harm.

Pumps and related equipment must be in-

stalled and operated according to all na-

tional, local and industry standards.