GORMAN-RUPP OM--04760 User Manual

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This information applies to G-R Self-

Priming Centrifugal pumps. These

pumps are available as basic, pedestal-

mounted models or as close-coupled

models driven by either an electric mo-

tor, gasoline or diesel engine. Refer to

the manual accompanying the power

source before attempting to begin oper-


This manual will alert personnel to

known procedures which require spe-

cial attention, to those which could

damage equipment, and to those which

could be dangerous to personnel. How-

ever, this manual cannot possibly antici-

pate and provide detailed instructions

and precautions for every situation that

might occur during maintenance of the

unit. Therefore, it is the responsibility of

the owner/maintenance personnel to

ensure that only safe, established main-

tenance procedures are used, and that

any procedures not addressed in this

manual are performed only after estab-

lishing that neither personal safety nor

pump integrity are compromised by

such practices.
In addition to this manual, see the sepa-

rate literature covering maintenance

and repair, pump parts, and any optional

equipment shipped with the pump.

Before attempting to open or service the


1. Familiarize yourself with this man-


2. Disconnect or shut down the pow-

er source and take necessary pre-

cautions to ensure that the pump

will remain inoperative.

3. Allow the pump to completely cool

if overheated.

4. Check the temperature before

opening any covers, plates, or


5. Close the suction and discharge


6. Vent the pump slowly and cau-


7. Drain the pump.

Do not attempt to pump any liquids the

pump has not been designed for, and

which may damage the pump or endan-

ger personnel as a result of pump fail-

ure. Consult the factory to determine

compatibility between the pump and liq-


Use lifting and moving equipment in

good repair and with adequate capacity

to prevent injuries to personnel or dam-

age to equipment. Suction and dis-

charge hoses and piping must be re-

moved from the pump before lifting.

After the pump has been positioned,

make certain that the pump and all pip-

ing or hose connections are tight, prop-

erly supported and secure before oper-


Do not operate the pump against a

closed discharge valve for long periods

of time. If operated against a closed dis-

charge valve, pump components will

deteriorate, and the liquid could come