To install a memory module, 2 unplug the computer and remove the battery packs, Screws on bottom of computer – Sony PCG-R505TEK User Manual

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VAIO® R505 SuperSlim Pro™ Notebook User Guide


example). Ground yourself by maintaining contact with an unpainted metal
portion of the chassis while performing the procedure.

Do not open the memory module package until you are ready to install the
module. The package protects the module from ESD.

Use the special bag for preventing ESD or use aluminum foil when you store
the memory module.

To Install a Memory Module


Shut down your computer and disconnect all peripheral devices, such as your


Unplug the computer and remove the battery packs.


Wait until the computer cools down. Then unscrew the two screws with the

mark on the bottom of your computer.

Screws on Bottom of Computer