When using memory stick media – Sony PCG-R505TEK User Manual

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Using Memory Stick® Media


When Using Memory Stick media

Note the following when using Memory Stick media:

When the erasure prevention switch of the Memory Stick media is set to LOCK,
data cannot be recorded or erased.

Before using Memory Stick media, back up important data.

Wait a minimum of 10 seconds after the Memory Stick media finishes reading or
writing data before removing the media.

If the media is removed prematurely, a blue screen with an error message
appears, prompting you to continue or exit. Reinsert the media into the slot and
press Enter to continue. This allows the media to finish reading or writing data.

You can enjoy video clips that you have recorded with Memory Stick media-
compatible video camera recorders.

The media slot can accommodate one Memory Stick media at a time.

You may copy images from a digital video camera using Memory Stick media.

Only MagicGate™ Memory Stick media can be used with copyright protected
data such as music.

Copyright protected music cannot be checked-out to any Memory Stick media
other than MG Memory Stick media.

All data checked out to MG Memory Stick media from OpenMG Jukebox is in
“Hifi folder”. Do not attempt to modify the HiFi folder with Windows Explorer or
any software other than OpenMG Jukebox. We make no reparations for data that
cannot be played back or checked-in because it was edited with other

Recorded music is limited to private use only. Using recorded music for any
other purpose requires permission of the copyright holders.

Sony is not responsible for music files that cannot be recorded from a CD or
downloaded from other sources.

Formatting Memory Stick media erases all data (including music data) previously
saved to it. Before you format Memory Stick media, confirm that the media does
not contain files you want to keep.

Checked-in music data may be losted if your system crashes or you use the
System Recovery CDs to recover your hard disk. See the OpenMG Jukebox help
file for more information.