Arcsoft® photoprinter™ 2000 pro (windows me only), Arcsoft, inc, Compuserve® 2000 – Sony PCG-R505TEK User Manual

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VAIO® R505 SuperSlim Pro™ Notebook User Guide





2000 Pro (Windows Me only)

ArcSoft, Inc.

ArcSoft PhotoPrinter 2000 Pro is an easy-to-use, advanced printing program that lets you
quickly lay out multiple images in multiple sizes on a single sheet of paper. PhotoPrinter
Pro offers a wide selection of templates including landscape, portrait, free style, mixed
sizes, custom templates and more. The application includes enhancement tools and special
effects for improving photos while giving you the ability to add text to any image.




CompuServe, Inc.

CompuServe is the most comprehensive source of organized business and educational
information online today. CompuServe allows you to access the vastness of the Internet,
without wasting time wading through it. Maximize your time online with CompuServe.

Drag’n Drop CD

DigiOn Inc. and Easy Systems Japan Ltd.

Drag'n Drop CD is designed to be the most simple software to make your own CD. Users
can create their own best AudioCD, or data CD that can be read in many PCs. With Drag'n
Drop CD you can also create your own backup CD from the original CD that you own.


Sony Electronics Inc.

Connect a digital video camera recorder to the i.LINK® connector and capture your own
video clips and still images. You can edit the clips from your video, add others, and
combine clips into new movie segments. You can also save your images in a variety of
popular file formats.

EarthLink Network TotalAccess


EarthLink Network, Inc.

An Internet Service Provider that supplies access, information, and assistance to its
customers, introducing them to the Internet. Member benefits include e-mail, newsgroups,
a personal start page, a free 6 MB web site, a member newsletter, and 24-hour technical

JogDial Utility

Sony Electronics Inc.

JogDial Utility (software) allows you to easily scroll, launch applications, access settings,
and perform other useful functions by manipulating the Jog Dial (hardware) which is
located near the touchpad.