English, English warning caution – Sony DSC-W310 User Manual

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Owner’s Record

The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Record the serial number in the
space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer
regarding this product.

Model No. DSC-W310

Serial No. ______________________________

To reduce fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or

If the shape of the plug does not fit the power outlet, use an attachment plug adaptor of the
proper configuration for the power outlet.


Battery pack

If the battery pack is mishandled, the battery pack can burst, cause a fire or even chemical
burns. Observe the following cautions.

• Do not disassemble.
• Do not crush and do not expose the battery pack to any shock or force such as

hammering, dropping or stepping on it.

• Do not short circuit and do not allow metal objects to come into contact with the battery


• Do not expose to high temperature above 60°C (140°F) such as in direct sunlight or in a

car parked in the sun.