Checking the accessories supplied, Notes on using the camera – Sony DSC-W310 User Manual

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Checking the accessories supplied

• Battery charger BC-CSN/BC-CSNB (1)
• Power cord (mains lead) (not supplied in the USA and Canada) (1)
• Rechargeable battery pack NP-BN1 (1)
• Dedicated USB cable (1) (Sony Corporation 1-837-597-)
• Dedicated A/V cable (1) (Sony Corporation 1-837-778-)
• Wrist strap (1)
• CD-ROM (1)

– Cyber-shot application software
– “Cyber-shot Handbook”

• Instruction Manual (this manual) (1)

Notes on using the camera

Changing the language setting
The screen language can be changed if necessary.
To change the language setting, press the MENU button, then select



(Main Settings)

t [Language Setting].

Internal memory and memory card back up
Do not turn off the camera, remove the battery pack, or remove the memory
card while the access lamp is lit. Otherwise, the internal memory data or the
memory card may be damaged. Be sure to make a backup copy to protect your

Refer to “Cyber-shot Handbook” (PDF)
on supplied CD-ROM

For details on advanced operations, please read “Cyber-
shot Handbook” (PDF) on the CD-ROM (supplied) using a
Refer to “Cyber-shot Handbook” for in-depth instructions
on shooting or viewing images and connecting the camera
to your computer, printer or TV (page 21).