Sony PEG-NZ90 User Manual

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I cannot exchange data using the
Bluetooth™ function

The error message is displayed for insufficient memory
when I receive data by beaming

B To receive data using the IR port, the free space of your CLIÉ handheld’s

memory must be more than twice the size of data to be received. If the
memory space of your CLIÉ handheld is insufficient, delete any
unnecessary data after backing up data as needed.

B Perform a soft reset by pressing the reset button.


For details, refer to “Basic operations of your Sony CLIÉ™ handheld: Restarting

your Sony CLIÉ handheld” in the “Read This First (Operating Instructions).”

B If you have renamed a target Bluetooth™ compatible device registered on

your CLIÉ handheld, the device may be listed in the previous name when
you detect target Bluetooth™ compatible devices.
In this case, follow the procedure below.

1 Tap the Menu icon from the Bluetooth Preferences screen.
2 Tap Disable device name cache from the Options menu.
3 Detect target Bluetooth™ compatible devices.


For details, refer to “Enjoying your CLIÉ™ handheld: Using the Bluetooth™

function” in the “Read This First (Operating Instructions).”