NOVUS TP604 User Manual

NOVUS Sensors

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Operating instructions

Differential pressure, vacuum and overpressure switch


Before you take the pressure switch into
operation, make sure to read these operating instruc-
tions thoroughly. In the event of damages due to the
non-observance of these instructions, improper operati-
on or use of the switch for purposes for which it is not in-
tended, the warranty becomes null and void. We shall not
be held liable for resultant consequential damages. The
switch is to be installed and removed by technicians
The applicable certified national safety regulations for the
operation of pressure measuring devices shall be observed.
In the installed condition the respective device-specific re-
quirements on the type of protection must be fulfilled.

– Do not change adjustment of factory-adjusted and

paint-sealed switches (screw B and C).

– Screw C was adjusted in the factory, and the adjustment

fixed with adhesive. This asjustment may not be chan-
ged. Change the switching point with B screw only.

– Adjust upper and lower switching points with the dial


– In case of vacuum: connect P2

Adjustments as indicated in the instructions, except
pressure = vacuum.

– Fasten bracket to switch with original factory-sup-

plied screws only.

Fig. 3

Recommended installation arrangement vertical
(factory calibration).


Horizontal installation arrangement, electrical
connections upward. Actual switching points are
11 Pa higher than the scale.

Fig. 5

Horizontal installation arrangement, electrical
connections downward. Actual switching points
are 11 Pa lower than the scale.

With the safety cover removed, contact with ter-
minals 1, 2 and 3 poses a lethal C hazard (mains
power voltage)!

Adjusting of upper/lower switching point
(Dial B: For higher switching point [higher pressure]
turn in clockwise direction.)
Allow pressure to increase gradually (do not exceed
max. pressure limit), adjust desired switching point with
dial (B).
Check the upper or lower switching points by raising
and lowering the pressure several times and make any ne-
cessary adjustments.

Adjust switch within printed-on scale only!
Do not turn the dial (B) into the area of the black mark

! [Switching contact changes from NC

(1-2) to NO (1-2).1

1 Supply cable
2 NC contact
3 NO contact

all fixing brackets

Tube connection