NOVUS FTR-60 User Manual

Ftr-60, Power supply - operating manual v1.0x

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Regulated and insulated switching power supply, targeted to supply voltage to
industrial electrical devices.


Input Voltage (INPUT): 100~240 Vac / 120~350 Vdc / 50~60 Hz

Output Voltage (OUTPUT): 24 Vdc / 2,5 A

Output Voltage Adjustment range.

Accuracy: +/- 2 %

Output Power: 60 W

Input/Output Isolation: 600 V

Protection: IP40

Operating Environment: -20 to 50 °C

Humidity Environment: 20 to 90 % UR

Installation: DIN rail of 35 mm

Connection wire cross section: 0,14 to 1,5 mm²

Screw tightening torque: 0,8 Nm

Weight: 300 g

Terminalscovering in polyamide.

Short-circuit protection,

Overload and overvoltage protection.

Indoor use.


The FTR power supply is designed for DIN rail mounting, inside electrical
panel. Avoid excessive vibration, humidity, temperature and electromagnetical

Recommendations for Installation

Input signal wires should be laid out away from power lines and
preferably inside grounded conduits.

Instrument mains (line) supply should be suitable for this purpose and
should not be shared.

In controlling and monitoring applications, possible consequences of any
system failure must be considered in advance. The internal alarm relay dos
not warrant total protection.

RC filters (47 R and 100 nF, serial) are highly recommended for valve
and contactor coils, etc.

Man 5000542 V1.0

Figure 1 – Electrical conections


This product is covered by a 12-month warranty provided the purchaser
presents the sales receipt and the following conditions are met:

The one year warranty begins on the day of shipment as stated on the
sales bill.

During the warranty period all costs of material and labor will be free of
charge provided that the instrument does not show any evidence of

For maintenance, return the instrument with a copy of the sales bill to our
factory. All transportation and insurance costs should be covered by the
owner of the equipment.

Should any sign of electrical or mechanical shock, abuse, bad handling
or misuse be evident the warranty voids and maintenance costs will be

Product sold by Novus Automation.

Figure 2 – Dimensions