Meteor ProMover 1200 CYM User Manual

Promover 1200 cym, User manual/ instructions

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Thank you for choosing the PROMOVER 1200 CYM product. Please note that this product, as in all
the other PROMOVER 1200 fixture range, has been designed and engineered with total and precise
attention to quality and detail.
PLEASE – read carefully this instruction manual in its entirety and keep it safe for future reference..
It is essential to know the information and comply with the instructions given in this manual to
ensure the fitting is installed, used and serviced correctly and safely.



Make sure all parts for fixing the projector are in a good state of repair.
Make sure the point of anchorage is stable before positioning the projector.

The safety chain must be properly hooked onto the fitting and secured to the framework, so that, if
the primary support system fails, the fitting falls as little as possible.

The safety chain gets used, if needs to be replaced with a genuine spare.

Minimum distance of illuminated objects:

The projector needs to be positioned so the objects hit by the beam of light are at least 2.5 meters
(8.2) from the lens of the projector.

Minimum distance from flammable materials:

The projector must be positioned so that any flammable materials are at least o.20 meters (8ft) from
every point on the surface of the fitting.

Mounting surfaces:

It is NOT permissible to mount the fitting on normally flammable surfaces.

Maximum ambient temperature:

For the fitting to operate well and reliably, the ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees C
(95 degrees F).

IP20 protection rating:

The fitting is protected against penetration by solid bodies of over 12mm (o.47”) in diameter (first
digit 2), but not against dripping water, rain, splashes or jets of water (second digit 0).

Protection against electrical shock:

Connection must be made to a power supply system fitted with efficient earth ground