Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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[PC-FAX Functions]



Easy installation of the fax driver



Select this machine, then click [Next].

% If this machine is not detected, restart it.

% You do not need to change the printing method from [Normal Printing] (Port 9100) unless otherwise

specified by the administrator.

% As the printing method, you can select [Normal Printing], [Internet Printing] (IPP), or [Secure Printing]


% Among the connected printers, only the target model is automatically detected and displayed. If

multiple target models are displayed, check the IP addresses.

% If the connection to this machine cannot be recognized, it is not displayed in the list. In such a case,

select [Specify the Printer/MFP Except for the Above. Select (IP Address, Host Name...)], then man-
ually specify the IP address and host name of this machine.


Select the check box of the fax driver, then click [Next].


Check the components to be installed, then click [Install].


If necessary, change the printer name or print a test page, then click [Finish].

Installation of the fax driver is then completed.



Be sure to initialize the fax driver after you have installed it. For details, refer to page 2-7.




Displays the installed components for checking.

[Rename Printer]

Changes this machine name, if necessary.


Sets the optional operating environment of this machine. For details, refer to
page 2-7.

[Print Setting]

Changes the default print settings of this machine, if necessary. For details, re-
fer to page 2-7.

[Print Test page]

Prints a test page to check the normal data transfer, if necessary.

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