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[PC-FAX Functions]



Available operations in the [Configure] tab



Available operations in the [Configure] tab

In the [Configure] tab, you can register a method to obtain information about the installation status of optional
devices on this machine as well as information about this machine in the fax driver.



When [Auto] in [Acquire Settings...] is enabled and the computer is unable to communicate with this
machine, the computer takes a long time to display the [Properties] window or the [Printing Preferences]


If you are using the machine from a Windows Server 2003 computer via USB connection, [Acquire De-
vice Information] cannot be used.



[Device Option]

The model name, options installed on this machine, and authentication set-
tings of this machine are displayed.
When the settings of this machine cannot be obtained, you need to manually
change the settings. Select the item to change from the list, and set a value in

[Acquire Device Infor-

Obtains information about which optional devices are installed on this machine
by communicating with this machine.
In [Acquire Settings...], set the method of obtaining the information on this ma-

[Acquire Settings...]

Configure the settings to obtain the information of this machine.


Select this check box to automatically obtain the information of this machine.

[Destination Set-

Set the communication method to get information from this machine.

[Device which Connect with Printer Port]: Information is obtained from the
printing port specified in the [Port] tab in the fax driver.

[Specify IP Address or Printer Name]: Information is obtained by connect-
ing to a device with the entered IP address or printer name.

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