Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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[Network Fax Functions]



Sending (basic operation flow)



Tap [Application], then configure fax option settings.

% Specify the original size before scanning the original. For details on how to specify the original size,

refer to page 3-11.

% You cannot transfer an original that exceeds the A4 or letter width (216 mm / 8.5 inches).

% For details on configuring option settings, refer to the respective columns of the following table.


Press the Start key.

% Tap [Check Settings] before sending data, and check the specified destination and settings if nec-


% To redo operations for specifying destinations or option settings, press the Reset key.

% If you press the Stop key while scanning the original, scanning stops. To cancel scanning the orig-

inal, delete inactive jobs from the Job screen.

Sending starts.



When an Internet fax is sent, the TX result report is printed. With the TX result report, you can check for
successful fax transmission.


When the recipient machine receives an Internet fax, an MDN message that provides notification of suc-
cessful reception is printed on this machine. You can check whether or not the fax has been success-
fully received by reading the MDN message.



To configure basic options such as original size and resolution

page 3-11

To specify the method to scan the original

page 3-12

To adjust the image quality or density depending on the contents of the original

page 3-13

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