Proper care, Exterior parts, Lubrication – Daisy PowerLine 693 User Manual

Page 11: Modification

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With care and periodic cleaning, your Model 93/693 will provide many years of

shooting enjoyment. As is the case with conventional firearms, abuse, neglect, and
continued exposure to the elements will impair the performance of any airgun. Learn
to take care of your Model 93/693 and it will serve you well.

CAUTION: Never attempt to clean the Model 93/693 until the safety is “ON”,

the CO


cylinder has been removed, and the Quick Change BB Clip has been



All the plastic parts may be cleaned with a damp rag and mild soap or detergent.

Avoid using strong detergent, abrasive cleaning compounds or solvents that may
scratch or otherwise damage surfaces. The exposed metal parts should occasionally
be wiped clean using a soft cloth that is lightly oiled with clean motor oil.


Your Model 93/693 was lubricated when built and should not require any

additional lubrication.


CAUTION: The components of this gun were engineered to deliver optimum

performance. Any modification or tampering with a gun may cause a malfunction
and may make it unsafe to use. Any change in performance (such as a lowered
trigger pull force and shortened trigger travel), indicates possible modification,
tampering and/or wear. Such a gun should be inspected, replaced or properly
repaired by qualified personnel. Any gun that has been dropped should be checked
by qualified personnel to ensure that its function has not been affected.

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