Button functions menu, Configuration menu – Eschenbach Optik Liberty Solo User Manual

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Page 10

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Button Functions Menu

The details of the functions available for each button are described below in the
next section Function Descriptions.

Allows the function of Function Button 1 to be chosen.

Allows the function of Function Button 2 to be chosen.

Allows the function of Function Button 3 to be chosen.

Allows the function of Both-Mouse-Buttons 1 to be chosen.

Exits the menu.

Configuration Menu

Turn the sounds on or off.

Turn TextStretch


mode on or off. Selecting this option stretches the

text horizontally, increasing the space between the letters. Many people
find it a lot easier to read with this option.

Turn edge enhancement on or off. With enhancement on, the image is

sharper and has greater contrast, but the edges of the letters can

Reset to Factory Defaults. If you choose settings that render the unit

unusable, you can restore the settings to a known set of values that
produce an image. All previous settings are replaced with the factory
default values.

Information display. This screen displays the current battery charge (if

operating on batteries) or a symbol indicating that the unit is operating
on mains power. It also displays which camera socket is in use and the
type of signal received.

Exit the menu.