Installation – Eschenbach Optik Liberty Solo User Manual

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The Liberty solo is supplied the following components:


Main Unit


Liberty Solo Mouse Camera


Handwriting stand


Power supply adapter


Mains cable


Carry case

When setting up, it is important to choose your workplace carefully to avoid an
uncomfortable or awkward position. You should not have to raise your arm to
use the mouse; your wrist should be on the resting on the surface. The monitor
should be below eye level to avoid strain.

• Remove the Liberty Solo main unit from its case and place on the work


• Depress both handle release buttons and rotate the handle to allow you to

look onto or slightly down on the display.

• Plug the mouse camera into either socket at the right hand side of the

main unit.

! The mouse camera must be plugged in before powering on. If it is

plugged in when the power is on, it may not operate properly.

• An additional external camera or other video source (not supplied) can be

plugged into the second camera connector on the right hand side of the
unit. A suitable adapter is available from your distributor.

• As it is supplied with the battery partially charged, we recommend that

you initially operate the Liberty Solo from the power supply. Plug the
power supply into a wall socket and insert the connector into the right
hand side of the unit above the mouse cable.

• Power up the Liberty Solo by pressing the red power button (the right-

most button on the front panel).

• When you place the mouse camera on some text you should see the

magnified image on the screen.