Scroll knob, Function buttons, Menu – Eschenbach Optik Liberty Solo User Manual

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Scroll Knob

The central control knob can be rotated freely in both directions and pressed.
Normally it controls the image brightness. Press and hold the knob for 3
seconds to bring up the menu for extended functionality.

Function Buttons

There are three functions buttons, labeled 1, 2 and 3. By default these perform
the following functions:

1: Linemarker/Blinds (operates in reading modes only)
2: Semi-color (operates in reading modes only)
3: Digital magnification.

The function performed by these buttons can be altered by the user, see below.


Press and hold the scroll knob for three seconds to access the menu. By
rotating the scroll knob, you can navigate through the menu, pressing to accept
an option.

An overview of the menu system appears overleaf. Each sub-menu is
explained in the subsequent sections.

Many sub-menus have an exit icon,

, select it to exit the menu.

Some menus offer an on/off choice. Select


as appropriate to

confirm your selection.