Main menu, Display settings menu – Eschenbach Optik Liberty Solo User Manual

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Page 9

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Main Menu

Opens Display Settings menu, to alter the brightness, contrast, etc., of

the image.

Opens the Button Function menu to select the function assigned to the

three function buttons and both mouse buttons.

Opens the Configuration menu to set various options.

Exits the menu.

Display Settings Menu

All options below bring up a scale on the bottom of the screen to allow
adjustment of the particular attribute. Each setting is unique to the mode and
camera currently being displayed and will be used when that mode and camera
are displayed again. The exception to this rule is the backlight level, which is
common to all modes.

Adjusts the image brightness.

Adjusts the contrast level of the image.

Adjusts the color saturation. This is only available when displaying a

full-color image.

Sets the backlight level. Note that lower levels of backlight significantly

improve battery life when operating with battery power.

Exit the menu.