Battery – Eschenbach Optik Liberty Solo User Manual

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Rev E EN

The left mouse button performs the same task, but holding it will not
enter the adjustment mode.

Disabled. This “function” can only be assigned to the pressing of both

mouse buttons. It causes the Liberty Solo to ignore that keystroke.


The Liberty Solo contains a rechargeable battery that can provide power for
mobile use. Do NOT attempt to remove the battery. A low battery warning
icon will appear briefly on the screen, in addition to warning beeps, when the
battery is running low or when powered-on with a dying battery. The Liberty
Solo will only power up very briefly, or not at all, when the battery is dead.

Low Battery Warning

Power Adapter Detected

The battery will power the unit for 4 hours depending on the backlight
brightness. So, to extend battery time, use the lowest backlight level you can
comfortably read with.

A full recharge takes approximately 5 hours. The Liberty will charge when the
power cable is in; it does not have to be switched on and it will also recharge
during normal use with the power cable attached. The battery cannot
“overcharge” and does not have to be fully discharged
before recharging. An icon will appear briefly on the screen when the power
cable is attached, showing that the battery is now being charged.