Decals, paint, and miscellaneous – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 5/14 User Manual

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Decals, Paint, and Miscellaneous

Part No.: GR1842MPP

Description: Graphite Lubricant, Four 5 Pound Containers

Part No.: G7100-368

Description: Decal, KINZE


Quantity: 2 (1 On Each Side of Hitch)

Part No.: GM0236-01

Description: Operator Manual, Model 3600

Part No.: GM0236-02

Description: Parts Manual, Model 3600

Part No.: GPR1094

Description: Binder (Contact Kinze Parts To Order)

Part No.: GA15422

Description: Operator’s Manual Canister

Quantity: 1

Part No.: GD22686

Description: Manual Canister Bracket

Quantity: 1

Part No.: GD16642

Description: U-Bolt, 3" x 4" x ½"-13

Quantity: 1

Part No.: G10071

Description: Serrated Flange Nut, ½"-13

Quantity: 2

Part No.: G11166

Description: Hex Socket Flange Cap Screw, ¼"-20 x ¾"

Quantity: 3

Part No.: G11320

Description: Lock Nut, ¼"-20, Grade B

Quantity: 3

Part No.: G7100-484

Description: Decal, American Flag



Model 3600


Rev. 5/14