MBT Lighting LEDROBOSPOT User Manual

Ledrobospot user manual

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Notes about Master-Slave synchronization:

1. When the master machine is running, the light will send DMX-512

signals, however, it can’t be connected to the controller. If it is, they will
interrupt each other, and therefore cannot be synchronized.

2. While many lights are using master-slave synchronization, only one of

them can be master, or they can’t be synchronized.

The connection of Master-Slave synchronization as below:

Safety Notice:

Please be sure to turn off the device before installation and


Please be sure when operating the device you have good


This device is design for indoor use. Please keep it dry

whenever using. An authorized dealer or service agent
should do installation and maintenance.

Do not use other voltage that not complied with the

instruction showed.

Do not stare at the lighting source, it may damage you eyes.

Do not operate unless there is stable voltage.

Do not use it in a moist environment.

Please note: information is subject to change without prior notice.


User Manual

Please read this user manual before using this product.