MBT Lighting LEDBEEHIVE User Manual

Ledbeeive user manual, Indoor use only caution, Specification

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Please read this manual before your use and keep it for your future refrerence.


Please use the to avoid any trouble for the fixture.
The operation temperature is below 40℃,humidity is 0~95%. If you use it out of this range, the fixture
will be shorten the lifespan.

Indoor use only


Please do not connect the power when the fixture is still in the box.
Please do not connect the power before the installation. The fixture must be linked to the earth wire.

If you met the problem for this fixture, please call the engineer for the repair. Do not open the fixture by


Please must use the same input voltage as per our instruction.


1. Power: 120V, 20W

2 Fuse:T1A/250V/T2A/125V

3. LED Quantity: 6pcs of LED(3W red LED 2pcs、3W green LED 2pcs、3W blue LED 2pcs)
4. LED Beam Angel: 130°; Luminous Flux: 80LM.
5. Working Mode: Sound, Auto.
6. Net Weight: 3.6 KG
7. Size: 378*316*268MM (L x W x H)