MBT Lighting LEDBEEHIVE User Manual

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Operation Instruction

SRL-465-RGB uses High Power LED to make the colorful effect. The function are Sound
and Auto

. If it is at Sound mode, the various effect will be controlled by the Sound Potentiometer If it

is at the Auto mode, this fixture will be running automatically.

Connector instruction:

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1. Sound/Auto Switch (You can choose the Sound mode or Auto mode with this switch)
2. Fuse
3. Power Cable
4. Sound Potentiometer (Adjust the sensitivity of the sound)
5. Midi connector


For Hanging or Putting in the flat surface

This fixture can be putting in the flat surface or hanging with the clamp. If you want to

hang it, please be sure that you will fix it in the clamp as per the below sketch map. For

more safety, please use the safety cable to hang the fixture. Please note that the safety

cable must be able to hang up to 10 times weight of this fixture.