MBT Lighting LZ500 User Manual

Lz500 green laser user manual, Safety information, Technical specification

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LZ500 Green Laser User Manual

Thanks for purchasing

LZ500 Green Laser.

Please read this manual carefully and thoroughly, as it gives important information regarding safety

and operation instruction. Keep this manual in order to consult it in the future.

The quality of every set of the products is guaranteed in the factory before the shipment. Please

check the accessories as the packing list inside. If the carton appears to be damaged, please inspect
the fixture carefully. In case damage has been found or some parts are missing, please contact
Neo-Laser after service department before shipping back the product.

Safety Information

1. Always ground the fixture electrically properly.
2. For indoor use only. Keep in cool and dry place with the ambient temperature of 10-35℃. Put the

fixture in steady place and do not shake.

3. Continuous operation of over 4 hours will shorten the life of the laser. Please always keep within

4 hours.

4. The lens at the aperture will be covered with dirt and dust that will decrease the power output.

Please clean it with the soft cloths or paper periodically.

5. Do not attempt to tear off the warranty paper. Such action will avoid the company’s warranty.
6. Do not attempt to dismantle the fixture if problems happen. Please connect with Neo-Laser after

service department directly.

7. Do not throw away the packing material. If problems happen, please pack the product with the

material and send back to Neo-Laser after service department

Fuse Replacement

Note: replace the fuse with the same specified. If not, the potential damage will be avoided of the

company’s responsibility.

Replace the fuse:Disconnect the power, use the screwdriver to unscrew the fuse holder, take out

the fuse, place it with the good one of the same specified and finally screw the fuse tight.

Technical Specification:

1. AC Power:AC 110 V/ 220V , 50~60 HZ , Fuse(2A)
2. Laser: Wavelength 532nm, Verdure, Facula Sizeф12, Power 10mW
3. Control system: high capacity macro processor

Scanner: step motor , X/Y scanning.

5. Display Mode:DMX/ Sound Active/ Auto