Function introduction, Function settings – MBT Lighting LZ500 User Manual

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6. Laser Safety Level:Class IIIB
7. Connector:3-pin DMX Connector / XLR
8. Net Weight: KG
9. Size : 280MM*206MM*163MM (L x W x H)

Function Introduction:

The laser graphic is controlled by with the sound, that is the graphic effect changes with the rhythm.
Turning the sensitivity knob in a clockwise direction will increase the sound sensitivity. Turning the
sensitivity knob in a counter-clockwise direction will decrease the sound sensitivity. Only the medium and
low frequency that reaches certain sound intensity can control the changing effect of the graphic. Without
sound activation for 7 seconds, the system shuts out the laser.

The laser graphics runs automatically by the built-in programs. Via Auto mode, the laser cannot be shut
off automatically.

3. DMX control
The system only accepts the DMX 512 control. DMX control can control the laser’s on/off, the graphics,
and its size, color, direction, scan speed, and display speed etc.

Function Settings:

4 Work Mode:

1. SOUND_ACTIVE —— triggered by sound only
2. AUTO_MODE—— default program, not subject to change with the external effect
3. SLAVE——controlled by Master only, receive Master’s data
Note: only one master, no link with console
4. DMX MODE——controlled by DMX 512 console only, receive console’s data

Set the system function with the dipswitch.

See the function listed below.

1. The dipswitches 10, 11 and 12 are for the setting of the system function.

The dipswitches 1-9 are for the setting of the DMX Channel Address in DMX mode. If not in DMX
mode, the dipswitches 1-9 can be set randomly.

2. The setting of the projector’s address is needed via DMX mode. Under control of DMX 512 console,

the projector takes up 9 channels.

Dip Switch Setting 0=OFF 1=ON X=OFF or ON