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Surecross dx85 modbus rtu remote i/o device, Features, Models

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Configurable Modbus slave remote I/O device with six sourcing discrete inputs and six sourcing discrete outputs


IP67 Base

IP20 Base

The SureCross™ wireless system is a radio frequency network with integrated I/O that
can operate in most environments while eliminating the need for wiring runs. Systems are
built around a Gateway, which acts as the wireless network master device, and one or
more Nodes. A remote I/O device with a Modbus interface is used to expand the I/O of the
Gateway device or the Modbus host.

• Wireless industrial I/O device with six sourcing discrete inputs and six sourcing dis-

crete outputs

• 10 to 30V dc power input
• Selectable Modbus slave address
• Modbus RTU protocol using RS-485
• The DX85...C models are certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D; and

Zone 2 (Group IIC) Hazardous Locations when properly installed in accordance with
the National Electrical Code, the Canadian Electrical Code, LCIE/ATEX, or applicable
local codes/regulations (see Specifications)



Environmental Rating



IP67, NEMA 6

Inputs: Six sourcing discrete
Outputs: Six sourcing discrete


IP20, NEMA 1
Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D Hazardous
Locations (see Specifications)

WARNING: Not To Be Used for Personnel Protection
Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection. Doing so could lead to seri-
ous injury or death.
This product does NOT include the self-checking redundant circuitry necessary to
allow its use in personnel safety applications. A sensor failure or malfunction can cause either an ener-
gized or de-energized sensor output condition.

SureCross DX85 Modbus RTU Remote I/O Device

P/N 131599 rev. G


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