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The SureCross DX80 Wireless Network

The SureCross DX80 wireless I/O network provides reliable monitoring without the burden of wiring or conduit installation. The SureCross
wireless network can operate independently or in conjunction with a host system, PLC, and/or PC software.
Each wireless network system consists of one Gateway and one or more Nodes. Devices ship with factory defined inputs and outputs
that may be all discrete, all analog, or a mix of discrete and analog I/O.




FlexPower Node
and Battery Supply Module

The SureCross DX80 network is a deterministic system—the network identifies when the radio signal is lost and drives relevant outputs
to user-defined conditions. Once the radio signal is reacquired, the network returns to normal operation.

SureCross DX80 Gateways and Nodes

A Gateway acts as the master device within each radio network, initiates communication and reporting with the Nodes, and controls the
timing for the entire network.
The Gateway also holds the configuration for the network. Every wireless network must have one Gateway that schedules communica-
tion traffic and controls the I/O configuration for the network. A radio network contains only one Gateway, but can contain many Nodes.
Similar to how a gateway device on a wired network acts as a “portal” between networks, the SureCross Gateway acts as the portal
between the wireless network and the central control process.
A Node is a wireless network end-point device used to provide sensing capability in a remote area or factory. The Node collects data
from sensors and communicates the data back to the Gateway. Nodes are available in a wide variety of power or input/output options.
Each Node device can be connected to sensors or output devices and reports I/O status to the Gateway.

DX85 Modbus RTU I/O Slaves

Use the DX85 Modbus RTU I/O devices to expand the I/O of a Modbus master device. DX85s are hardwired to Modbus master devices
using RS-485 and use Modbus RTU to exchange data. DX85s are available with discrete, analog, or a mix of discrete and analog I/O.

Additional Information

For additional information, including installation and setup, weatherproofing, device menu maps, troubleshooting, and a list of accesso-
ries, refer to one of the following product manuals

SureCross Quick Start Guide: Banner part number


• SureCross Wireless I/O Network Manual:


• Web Configurator Manual (used with "Pro" and DX83 models):


SureCross DX85 Modbus RTU Remote I/O Device

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