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FIREpOwER Fp-125,135,165



Manual 0-5123



2.01 How to Use This Manual

This Operating Manual usually applies to the part numbers

listed on page i. If none are underlined, they are all covered

by this manual. To ensure safe operation, read the entire

manual, including the chapter on safety instructions and

warnings. Throughout this manual, the word WARNING,

CAUTION and NOTE may appear. Pay particular attention

to the information provided under these headings. These

special annotations are easily recognized as follows:



Gives information regarding possible personal

injury. Warnings will be enclosed in a box

such as this.


Refers to possible equipment damage.

Cautions will be shown in bold type.


Offers helpful information concerning certain

operating procedures. Notes will be shown

in italics

Additional copies of this manual may be purchased by

contacting Thermal Arc at the address and phone number

in your area listed in the inside back cover of this manual.

Include the Owner’s Manual number and equipment iden-

tification numbers.
Electronic copies of this manual can also be downloaded at

no charge in Acrobat PDF format by going to the Thermal

Arc web site listed below and clicking on the Literature

Library link:

2.02 Equipment Identification

The unit’s identification number (specification or part

number), model, and serial number usually appear on

a nameplate attached to the machine. Equipment which

does not have a nameplate attached to the machine is

identified only by the specification or part number printed

on the shipping container. Record these numbers for

future reference.

2.03 Receipt of Equipment

When you receive the equipment, check it against the

invoice to make sure it is complete and inspect the

equipment for possible damage due to shipping. If there is

any damage, notify the carrier immediately to file a claim.

Furnish complete information concerning damage claims

or shipping errors to the location in your area listed in the

inside back cover of this manual. Include all equipment

identification numbers as described above along with a

full description of the parts in error.

2.04 General

The FirePower FP-125, 135, 165 Machines are single-

phase input welding machines and come equipped with

the following:

1. Built-in Wire Feeder and Wire Spool Hub
2. Welding Gun and Cable
3. Work Cable and Clamp
4. Regulartor/Flow Meter (FP-125 optional)
5. Input Cord
6. 2 Spare Contact Tips
7. Operational Manual
8. 0.5 lb. Spool of Wire
9. Gas Hose

The welding system is designed for use with the follow-

ing processes:

1. GMAW - Gas metal arc welding (MIG). Requires

the use of a shielding gas and regulator.

2. FCAW – Flux-cored arc welding – Does not require

the use of a shielding gas.

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