Tweco FP-165 Mini MIG User Manual

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FIREpOwER Fp-125, 135, 165


Manual 0-5123




Use care in handling the spooled wire as it

will tend to “unravel” when loosened from the

spool. Grasp the end of the wire firmly and do

not let go of it. Make sure that the end of the

wire is free of any burrs and is straight.

Wire Spool

Inlet Wire Guide


Pressure Adjust Device

Pressure Arm

Gun Cable End

Art # A-09083

Figure 3-8: Wire Feeder Components

Route the wire Through the Feedhead

1. Loosen Pressure Adjust Device (Fig. 3-9).
2. Open Pressure Adjust Device (Fig. 3-9).
3. Open Pressure Arm (Fig. 3-9).
4. Place the end of the wire into the Inlet Wire Guide,

feeding it over the Feedroll. Make certain that the proper

groove is being used (Fig. 3-10).
5. Pass the wire into the Gun Liner of the Gun Cable End

(Fig. 3-10).
6. Close the Pressure Arm (Fig. 3-10).
7. Close the Pressure Adjust Device. Tighten it to a “snug”

condition (Fig. 3-10).
8. Figure 3-11 shows the result with the wire installed.


If there is too much pressure on the drive roll

the wire gets locked and the motor could get

damaged, If it is too loose the wire will not

feed properly.

Pressure Adjust Device

Pressure Arm

Art # A-09084

Figure 3-9: Opening Pressure Arm

Pressure Adjust Device

Pressure Arm


Wire Guide



Gun Cable End

Art # A-09085

Figure 3-10: Inserting Wire

Art # A-09086

Figure 3-11: Wire Installed

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