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FIREpOwER Fp-125, 135, 165


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4.02 FirePower Controls

Refer to Figure 4-1 and 4-2.

1. Power ON / OFF switch turns the power on and

off. It also lights when the power supply has gone

into overtemp.

2. The Wire Speed Control knob controls the welding

current via the electrode wire feed rate (i.e. the

speed of the wire feed motor).

3. The Voltage Control Switch(s) sets the voltage

level to the welding terminals. There are 4 posi-

tions available.


The Voltage Control Switch MUST NOT BE SWITCHED

during the welding process. Some internal electrical

components are at Mains voltage potential with this

switch in the OFF position.

4. MIG Gun cable end and Gun Switch Leads are

routed through this opening.

5. The Work Cable & Clamp connects to the item

being welded.

6. The gas inlet nipple is used to connect the gas

hose to the gas regulator for GMAW. Use the hose

clamp to secure the hose to the gas nipple.

7. Main Power Cable.
8. The moveable tension knob applies pressure to

the grooved roller via screw-adjustable spring

pressure. The adjustable spring screw should be

adjusted to a minimum pressure that will provide

satisfactory wire feed without slippage. If slip-

ping occurs, and inspection of the wire contact

tip reveals no wear, distortion or burn-back jam,

the conduit liner should be checked for kinks and

clogging by metal flakes and slag. If this is not

the cause of slipping, the feedroll pressure can

be increased by rotating the adjustable spring

screw clockwise. The use of excessive pressure

may cause rapid wear of the feed roller, motor

shaft and motor bearings.


Genuine TWECO contact tips should be used.

9 The Gun Adaptor connects the MIG Gun to the

feedhead assembly.

10 The Gun Switch Connector is provided for con-

nection of the Gun Switch Leads.

11. Negative (-) Welding Terminal.
12. Positive (+) Welding Terminal.


Loose welding terminal connections can cause overheat-

ing and result in the cables being fused to the welding


13. The wire reel hub incorporates a friction brake

which is adjusted during manufacture for op-

timum braking. If it is considered necessary,

adjustment can be made by turning the large nut

inside the open end of the wire reel hub. Clockwise

rotation will tighten the brake. Correct adjustment

will result in the wire reel circumference continu-

ing no further than ¾” (20mm) after release of the

Torch Trigger Switch. The wire should be slack

without becoming dislodged from the reel.


Excessive tension on the brake will cause rapid wear

of mechanical wire feed parts, overheating of electrical

components and possibly an increased incidence of wire

burnback into the contact tip.

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