Limited warranty – Tweco FP-165 Mini MIG User Manual

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This information applies to Thermal Arc products that were purchased in the USA and Canada.

November 2007



, Inc., A Thermadyne Company (“Thermal Arc”), warrants

to customers of authorized distributors (“Purchaser”) that its products will be free of defects

in workmanship or material. Should any failure to conform to this warranty appear within the

warranty period stated below, Thermal Arc shall, upon notification thereof and substantiation that

the product has been stored, installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with Thermal

Arc’s specifications, instructions, recommendations and recognized standard industry practice,

and not subject to misuse, repair, neglect, alteration, or damage, correct such defects by suitable

repair or replacement, at Thermal Arc’s sole option, of any components or parts of the product

determined by Thermal Arc to be defective.

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of any warranty of merchantability,

fitness for any particular purpose, or other warranty of quality, whether

express, implied, or statutory.

Limitation of liability: Thermal Arc shall not under any circumstances be liable for special, indirect,

incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits and business

interruption. The remedies of the purchaser set forth herein are exclusive, and the liability of

Thermal Arc with respect to any contract, or anything done in connection therewith such as the

performance or breach thereof, or from the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, or use of any

goods covered by or furnished by Thermal Arc, whether arising out of contract, tort, including

negligence or strict liability, or under any warranty, or otherwise, shall not exceed the price of the

goods upon which such liability is based.
No employee, agent, or representative of Thermal Arc is authorized to change this warranty in

any way or grant any other warranty, and Thermal Arc shall not be bound by any such attempt.

Correction of non-conformities, in the manner and time provided herein, constitutes fulfillment

of thermal’s obligations to purchaser with respect to the product.
This warranty is void, and seller bears no liability hereunder, if purchaser used replacement

parts or accessories which, in Thermal Arc’s sole judgment, impaired the safety or performance

of any Thermal Arc product. Purchaser’s rights under this warranty are void if the product is sold

to purchaser by unauthorized persons.
The warranty is effective for the time stated below beginning on the date that the authorized

distributor delivers the products to the Purchaser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event

shall the warranty period extend more than the time stated plus one year from the date Thermal

Arc delivered the product to the authorized distributor.
Warranty repairs or replacement claims under this limited warranty must be submitted to

Thermal Arc via an authorized Thermal Arc repair facility within thirty (30) days of purchaser’s

discovery of any defect. Thermal Arc shall pay no transportation costs of any kind under this

warranty. Transportation charges to send products to an authorized warranty repair facility

shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser. All returned goods shall be at the Purchaser’s

risk and expense. This warranty dated July 1


2007 supersedes all previous Thermal Arc

warranties. Thermal Arc


is a Registered Trademark of Thermal Arc, Inc.

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